Hardware design

Custom board design

Our team can design and manufacture custom embedded board design based on a wide variety of ARM, x86, PowerPC, RISC-V or FPGA SoC chips.

Carrier board design

IP licensing

Our SBC and SOM designs can be licensed for integration in the customer systems. This includes board schematics, PCB designs, BOM files and all the manufacturing files.

Board retrofit

Have a legacy embedded system which needs more processing power? Used processors are no longer available? We can help you design a drop-in replacement board for your system, utilizing latest components with at least 15 year product longevity guarantee. We will make backplane connectors and external interfaces fully compatible with your existing system and then port your legacy applications to the new platform.

Inquiry about a custom board design

Software development

Conclusive Engineering provides embedded software development services ranging from creating BSPs, and writing drivers to creating application software and user interfaces. We can handle every aspect of your project.

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