We envision your embedded future

Our Single Board Computers and System On Modules provide an easy and rapid way to build a complete product without having to do an expensive and error-prone circuit design yourself.

Equipped with 10 Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express 3.0, DDR4 and other high-speed interconnects, Conclusive boards set expectations for the high end embedded systems.

Hardware is just a start

All our boards and modules come with an excellent software support: included Board Support Packages offer support for latest U-Boot and Linux kernels as well as system-specific libraries and frameworks such as DPDK or eXpress Data Path.

Security built-in

Secure boot strategies are available for all of our platforms. Most of our platforms also support secure enclaves like the ARM TrustZone®.

GPL? not a problem

Our hardware can be equipped with a completely GPL-free software stack, based primarily on the excellent FreeBSD operating system and Clang compiler. GPL-free bare-metal and RTOS solutions are available as well. Contact us for more details.

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