Create software with us

We provide high level programming services - applications capable of running on desktop operating systems, servers, and the cloud.

Holistic approach

A holistic approach to hardware and software development yields the best results. That's our key empirical takeout from the last decade. It leads to wisdom, experience and intuition impossible to achieve through other means.

Human satisfaction and performance

We've performed UI and UX services for iXsystems on the FreeNAS project, and more recently for the LivMote Touchless Screening solution. Each time we've approached the projects with adequate care, and each time the results of our work were revered by the users.

Designed for the Cloud

We understand the demands of a modern cloud-based infrastructure, and we're comfortable working with both Microservices, Monolithic applications, their mix, or assisting in transitions between them. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to plan, design and implement cloud solutions from scratch.

Edge Computing

A relatively recent phenomenon, Edge computing yields well to the Microservices model. Being a designer and manufacturer of Embedded devices used in edge computing, we're actively interested in these areas of technology - we expect them to become one of the structural pillars of our company in the future.

Software from scratch

Our knowledge, skill and development agility was field-tested against the most demanding and risk-prone software development cases known on the market. We've developed many case-specific, closed-source, in-house solutions that currently run critical infrastructure for telecommunications and electronic design automation companies.

Programming languages and technologies

Our preferred languages are C, C++, Rust, Golang, Python and Cython. Within this language group we are capable of performing an interdisciplinary code review between our hardware and software teams to determine bottlenecks, possible performance improvements and security issues. We can use JavaScript and its dialects for Web oriented applications such as Cloud frontends, Electron and WebUI.

Our Future

In addition to our Embedded Software Development offer, and our Embedded off-the-shelf devices, we're expanding our application creation services for the desktop operating systems, servers, and the cloud. That leverages our experience in firmware, kernel, network and operating system programming. Not only does this allow us to write performant and secure code, but also gives us a full control of the whole ecosystem, enabling us to create complete, turn-key solutions at all levels - from hardware, through bootloaders and kernel, operating system and virtualization technologies, to high level applications. It's our ambition to provide our clients with a complete, full product pipeline and portfolio.