Conclusive at Mi-V Virtual Summit

Mi-V Summit is a digital event organized by Microchip around their RISC-V software and hardware environments.

Conclusive Engineering partnered the event, highlighting our Orchid Systems on Module family that features Microchip's PolarFire SoC.

The event took place on July 21-22 2021. Video recordings and associated materials are available on the event's website. You can see our key-note presentation and our CEOs panel discussion by clicking on the buttons below:

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Video presentations

Below you can find the video presentations we've prepared for this event

RCHD-PF presentation

See an overview of "Orchid" RCHD-PF System on Module board, its dimensions, component locations and its connectivity to the RCHD-PF-EVAL Evaluation board.

RCHD-PF Features

This video will take you through the features of our "Orchid" RCHD-PF System on Module board and its companion RCHD-PF-EVAL Evaluation board.